Borders in the Mind

Both Nerve Centre & Nerve Belfast have been working on an Erasmus+, European Commission funded,  Adult Education project called “Borders In The Mind”. 

Our Project has brought together Partner organisations, and other Stakeholders, from across Europe: Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands & The United Kingdom. 

The project is an Adult Education project designed to work in both formal and informal learning contexts using innovative approaches to learning and to facilitate a societal change and transform the current status-quo through a bottom-up approach by engaging civil society actors, young adults and community members into an educative and transformational process.

For a short Video introduction to the Project check out this Video Calling Card we have put together setting out concisely the BIM Project goals:

Our principal objective has been to devise and deliver innovative, practical and relevant tools and methodologies to promote tolerance and celebrate difference and identity.

The project has also been designed to explore intangible cultural heritage, looking at current day cultural beliefs, traditions and lifestyles have been influenced, and continue to be influenced, by events in our past, even if many people are unaware of it. The project has been designed to bring this hidden, and sometimes misunderstood, cultural heritage to life.

The Project’s goal has been to help communities to share their common experiences in history, unearthing stories, ideas and themes from the Past.

We have been working alongside local Partners, here in Belfast, too, namely Belfast South Community Resource, based in Sandy Row, Belfast. 

We have, together, as part of our contribution to the main Project products/results,  curated a series of locally based “Discovery Events”, shining new light on some of the hidden culture, stories and history of Sandy Row. 

The Discovery Events have been designed to present to visitors, from different neighbourhoods, cultures and countries, through their Discovery experiences, a new perspective on the community they are visiting – shining a light on previously unknown Stories and Histories from that community.

You can  access the BIM Project website here:

Here you will find: 

  • Our Project Synopsis
  • Details of our Project Partners 
  • Details of how we brought this Project together
  • Overviews of all of the Discovery Event made by Project partners across the participating Countries
  • Films charting some of our Discovery Events being road tested in Cities across Europe. 
  • Access to all of the Resources and Templates we have created two allow you to consider making Your Own Discovery Events 

You can, through the BIM Website, experience some of content of these various Discovery Events for yourself! 

Go ahead… It’s all there, just waiting for you to Discover!

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