Post-Production Trailer Week

In a world where lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, a group of 11-14-year-olds will gather for the most incredible workshop of our time to learn about the most phenomenal art form of all time: movie trailer creation!

Have you ever seen a trailer for an upcoming movie and just couldn’t wait to get to the cinema? This week-long post-production workshop will provide a look into the art of Movie Trailer creation. Whether you’re interested in Video editing, Sound effects or musical composition this course will give you the chance to create your own trailer for an up-and-coming sci-fi short film.

// Who is it for?

11-14 year olds who are interested in Moving Image Arts (MIA), Post production, Editing, Music/Sound Editing, Music composition.

// When is it?

We will be running two separate week-long workshops for two separate groups:
Week 1 // 26th-30th of July
Week 2 // 2nd-6th  of August

// Where is it?

This workshop will be taking place in-person at Havelock House and all necessary equipment and software will be provided.
Participants will need to bring their own packed lunch, drinks & snacks, as none will be provided.

// How do I apply?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions there are limited places available for these courses (10 participants for each) so please book your place well in advance.

You can apply by filling out the application below.
Please note the closing date is Wednesday 30th June.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact Clark Phillips

In consideration of Nerve Centre Policy anyone attending the course will be required to wear a mask whilst accessing the centre through Havelock House.  All participants will maintain recommended social distancing whilst in the Creative Learning Centre under the guidance of their course tutors.  Please bring along your own food and drink as all hospitality areas remain closed.  You must inform us immediately of any change in your health or if you are in contact with a Covid positive person up to ten days after course completion.  Do not attend the centre if you are showing any Covid symptoms.

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