Exploring Films, Exploring Issues – Educator Workshops

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to take part in our FREE webinars and educator workshops in October focused around World Mental Health Day on the 10th October.

12th – 15th October: Educator Workshops

Join us for a series of free hour-long online workshops open to anyone who works with young people in a school or youth/community setting. Workshops will run from 4-5pm via Zoom.

12th October: Bruiser Theatre  – Addressing Mental Health Through Drama

In this hour-long online session we’ll be covering how to address mental health creatively with young people. From creating a safe space, right through to practical exercises that will cultivate confidence around this taboo subject.

Led by Peter Heenan from Bruiser Theatre Company, you’ll leave with workshop activities and the confidence to begin using Drama as a tool to affect real change. The workshop will also look at the award winning short film Black Sheep and the issues it addresses.

To find out more and to book this workshop follow the link below:

13th October: Aspirational Portraits – Compositing with Photoshop

This online workshop will take you through how to create digital portraits inspired by Annegien Schilling (Girl of 627k) and her work “The Dream Diaries”. It will explore how digital art can be used to allow young people to express themselves and visualise their own stories, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

You will be introduced to using Photoshop for basic photo editing and compositing including selecting, masking, using layers, blending and lighting effects. We will also look at how to apply these skills to free Photoshop apps that can be used by young people on their own mobile phones or tablets.

To find out more and to book this workshop follow the link below:

14th October: Voicing Activism – Creating Podcasts with BandLab Education

This online workshop will look at the podcast task from the Girl of 672k lesson plan designed to approach the issue of social media, image and mental health and will take you through the practicalities of delivering the activity with students.

The workshop will demonstrate BandLab for Education, a free, browser-based Digital Audio Workstation and online classroom that can be used to create and set assignments, share work and complete audio tasks. It will provide an introduction to planning, recording, editing and producing a podcast from scratch. You will learn how to use BandLab to record voice, apply sound FX, add music and create a great sounding podcast.

To find out more and to book this workshop follow the link below:

14th October: A Story of Shorts – A Beginners Guide to Writing Narratives for Short Films

This online workshop will explore narrative and screenwriting techniques used in the creation of short films such as Adnan’s Father.

We will be examining how to develop stories from initial ideas, how different themes can under pin narrative and shape characters and how to keep short stories captivating for audiences.

To find out more and to book this workshop follow the link below:

15th October: Emotive Camera & Lighting Techniques – Adnan’s Father

This online workshop will explore the camera and lighting techniques used in Adnan’s Father, a short film depicting the story of Sayid, a refugee doctor from Syria, who has just received a Danish residence permit, and is about to embark on establishing a new life in rural Denmark together with his son Adnan, Directed by Sylvia Le Fanu.

We will be examining how camera and lighting is used to convey the emotional journey and relationship between the two protagonists and furthermore the experience of refugees in a new country.

Participants will have access to a number of activities based on the short film to use in class. The activities will combine a variety of different areas; realism techniques in filmmaking, lighting for mood and portrait photography.

To find out more and to book this workshop follow the link below:

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