Tropical Ravine

This project was a collaboration between Nerve Belfast and the Tropical Ravine which is part of Belfast City Council. The aim of the project was to create a “Digital Ravine Pack” for Primary School students to interact with before, during and after a trip to the Tropical Ravine in Belfast’s Botanic Gardens. The Digital Ravine Pack includes a Minecraft Education World, a Sketch Nation game tutorial and a printable question sheet and instructions for an Augmented Reality Trail around the Tropical Ravine. 

The Minecraft world was created by Clark Phillips and Aidan Kelly and is a re-creation of the Tropical Ravine, Palm House, Museum and surrounding gardens. The students can explore the world, learn facts from the blackboards and NPCs dotted around the world and build in the learning zone plots which are split into different Key Stages. For more information on the world and how to download it click the link below:

The Sketch Nation, game design tutorial is for Key Stages 1,2 and 3. Using the Beginner, Intermediate and Expert mode, students can make a platforming game based around the theme of Tropical Rainforests. 

The Augmented Reality Trail is an experience the students can have if they visit the Tropical Ravine by using a smart device with the HP Reveal app. It works by scanning an image and an overlay appears in Augmented Reality, they receive some information about the image and get a clue to help them to find the next image. This trail takes them all around the Tropical Ravine, highlighting different areas and giving them an augmented interactive experience.

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