EU Code Week 2015


To celebrate EU Code Week 2015 (10th-18th October), Nerve Belfast Creative Learning Centre delivered a series of basic coding, programming, robotics and games design workshops in our partnership schools, schools in our local area as well as teacher professional development twilights.

The training provided the opportunity to promote the STEAM agenda in a range of curricular areas across the key stages.

Workshops were designed to introduce pupils and teachers to problem solving within the context of coding, programming, robotics and games design, and to develop their creative skills by using a range of emerging digital technologies, software and hardware.

Throughout the week we worked with both Primary and Post-Primary schools training 119 pupils and 36 teachers. We covered a range of iPad apps to support the development of coding in the classroom as well as Code Monkey Island, KANO, Dash & Dot robots, Minecraft EDU, Scratch and dedicated “1 hour of code” activities.

For more information on some of the workshops and to hear from participants involved, please take a look at the videos below. The password is eucodeweek2015

Nerve Belfast CLC Code Monkey Island and Kano computer kits St. Ita’s PS

Nerve Belfast CLC Scratch – Teacher Professional Development Training

Nerve Belfast CLC Games Design/Coding – St. Anne’s PS

Nerve Belfast CLC Minecraft Teacher Professional Development Training

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