Creative Learning Centres’ Primary Support Week


Creative Learning Centres’ Primary Support Week

Nerve Belfast Creative Learning Centre is pleased to announce a week of seminars and workshops designed to support Primary schools in using technology and mobile devices to support teaching and learning.
The week will run from Tuesday 25th August until Friday 28th August from 9.30am to 3.00pm.

Please click on the links below to apply for each course.


DAY 1: Tuesday 25th August – Managing Mobile Devices
(in partnership with Capita)

Day 1 will highlight ways in which mobile devices can be introduced and how school leaders can drive change throughout their school.
Workshops will be focused on helping schools with technical issues such as wireless access, e-learning, cloud storage and backup and iPad set-up.



DAY 2: Wednesday 26th August – Beyond Apps for Apps’ Sake

Day 2 will focus on good practice in the use of technology and will highlight examples of how Primary schools have looked beyond apps themselves in order to genuinely improve teaching and learning.
Workshops will explore ways in which the creative use of technology can be embedded into schemes of work to support teaching and learning across the curriculum.
Please book for the full day workshop of your choice below:

iPads in Nursery and Foundation  –  BOOK NOW
iPads in KS1  –  BOOK NOW
iPad in KS2  –  BOOK NOW
iPads to support SEN  –  BOOK NOW


DAY 3: Thursday 27th August – UICT Assessment (in partnership with CCEA)

Day 3 will focus on ICT planning and UICT assessment, particularly focusing on how iPads can be used for UICT assessment tasks.
Workshops will be based around desirable features, helping teachers to understand and assess UICT Tasks. Please book for the full day workshop of your choice below:

Film  –  BOOK NOW
Animation  –  BOOK NOW
Music and Sound  –  BOOK NOW
Interactive Design  –  BOOK NOW


DAY 4: Friday 28th August – From STEM to STEAM (in partnership with Stranmillis University College Primary Science Teaching Trust)

Day 4 will explore how active learning and the Arts can enhance the exploration of STEM based topics.
Workshops will focus on how the creative use of technology can support the teaching and learning of Science, Maths and Engineering.
You will be able to choose workshops on the morning of arrival which will cover introduction to electronics and circuits, 3D in the primary classroom, enquiry based science and digital storytelling, computing and games based learning.




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