Support the Creative Learning Centres – have your say on budget cuts now!

It is with deep regret that due to the DCAL cuts the future delivery of the Creative Learning Centres is under severe threat.

Please email with the subject line “Support for the Creative Learning Centres” and please copy your email to: to have your say and to support us! Thank-you.

The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure has asked organisations that are funded through Northern Ireland Screen to prepare for a massive 50% cut in funding in 2015-16. This will have a devastating impact on our delivery.

Over the past ten years, Creative Learning Centres, (AmmA Centre, Armagh, Nerve Centre CLC L’Derry and Nerve Belfast CLC), have been providing training, advice and support in the use of digital technology and STEAM across Northern Ireland. Over 79% of our work targets and impacts on disadvantage.

This service is vitally important to teachers, schools, youth and community groups and the thousands of children and young people they serve. It is a non-commercial, quality-assured service which is proven to respond to your needs as our recent ETI report outlines.

Across Northern Ireland, Creative Learning Centres provide training and structured support programmes which collectively:

    • Ensure that the provision of impartial quality-assured guidance is provided for all schools regardless of their budget, enabling them to make informed decisions free from commercial pressure
    • Equip teachers, student teachers and support staff with necessary skills to ensure the relevance of the curriculum in a modern forward-facing Northern Ireland (over 5500 teachers a year)
    • Support the delivery of varied qualifications and assessment models to provide essential academic and vocational pathways to further education and the workplace (UICT, CCEA Moving Image Arts & Occupational Studies, OCR Creative iMedia & Arts Award
    • Provide support for schools to build capacity within their staff and resources to effectively utilise ICT and the managed service funded by DE (C2K) (over 40 schools a year)
    • Ensure an effective skills pipeline exists from ages 4 – 19 that responds to changes in the NI economy and industry needs (over 7000 young people)
    • Develop innovative and accessible options for young people with special educational needs to achieve and excel in areas previously inaccessible to them
    • Equip youth and community leaders with necessary skills to provide innovative and creative programmes which are attractive and engaging for young people
    • Provide innovative and original opportunities for young people to engage in activities that they want to do and are relevant to their interests, enhancing youth engagement projects across NI
    • Develop specialist targeted programmes for young people with complex needs (e.g. young carers, young people with life-limiting illnesses as well as mental health conditions)

Please email with the subject line “Support for the Creative Learning Centres” and please copy your email to: to have your say and to support us! Thank-you.

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