A Night At The Cinema In 1914



Date: Tuesday 11th November
Time: 10.15AM-12.30PM

WW1 Remembrance Day Event
Supports KS3 History, Drama and Literacy.

Pupils will have the opportunity to interact with a first person interpretation by a young actor in World War 1 uniform.  There will also be a commentary with screening of A Night at the Cinema in 1914. This is a short film compilation of films made in 1914 which reflect the mood of society then at the outbreak of WW1. There is footage from Emmaline Pankhurst and the suffrage movement which supported the war effort, as well as Charlie Chaplins’s Johnnie (84 mins).
More information about the short films here http://www.bfi.org.uk/whats-on/bfi-film-releases/night-cinema-1914

This is then followed by a screening of WW1 documentary footage of the Battle of the Somme from the Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive, The North and South Irish at the Front, Part 2 (16 mins).

The event includes a WW1 presentation + interactive first person interpretation by actors in WW1 uniform and costumes of the period, in association with Drama Studies at QUB and the Living Legacies 1914-1918 Engagement Centre, www.livinglegacies1914-18.ac.uk.

School groups can also book a free post-film tour of Queen’s University and WW1 sites that afternoon.

More details about QUB and WW1 is available online here: http://digitalcollections.qub.ac.uk/site/WW1.
Please contact me – Marion Campbell in the first instance if you are interested in bringing a school group to this event.

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