DCAL Claire Awards 2014

DCAL claire awards 2014


Congratulations to all our Cedar Lodge Students who picked up Highly Commended in the Innovation Category at this year’s DCAL ‘Claire’s Awards’.

This award celebrated their achievements in the Creative iMedia Programme, which has been developed and delivered as a partnership between Nerve Belfast Creative Learning Centre and Cedar Lodge School. The Creative iMedia project encouraged students to explore games development but also required an integration of skills across wide subject areas as well as metacognitive skills such as exploring, planning, reflection and self-regulation.

the winning team

Una Orr from Cedar Lodge School,

Our students embraced the programme with great enthusiasm and interest. A successful aspect of the project was promoting learner independence by putting the student in control of their own learning and thinking and by challenging them to plan and manage the complex process of creating and programming a game over a three-month period. To develop this, students took on many roles such as game designer, scriptwriter, programmer and 3D character designer. The pride and sense of achievement students took from developing their games was tremendous. The software and technical skills they have acquired are transferable skills and can be used to support their learning in other areas of the curriculum and in a wider social context.
Veronica Tate, Educational Programme Coordinator at Nerve Belfast added…

‘The course provided exciting challenges and in many cases transformed students’ learning. It was very encouraging to observe the novel and innovative solutions to problems developed and applied by the students particularly in the Game Development unit. Students learned 3D Design fundamentals with Character modelling and this proved so electrifying in the class that we had to allow access to the computers even over lunch times.
We were astonished by the level of engagement and individual attention the students displayed throughout their time with us in Nerve Belfast and are very excited to be continuing the partnership with Cedar next year.’

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